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Concrete doesn't have to be grey

To match customers’ decorative needs, concrete services have gone beyond the simple grey finish to include a more varied solution like the use of coloured and decorative concrete. This innovative solution can help you achieve the right look for your premises while making your driveways and other areas safer and less slippery. 

Down Right Concreting, well-renowned concrete contractors Canberra, brings you this exclusive service combined with our years of experience in the industry.

What is coloured concrete?

We combine an oxide component to the grey concrete at the plant to insure even coverage of finished colour. This finish is usually done in a cove pattern. The cove finish is an excellent way to create a more anti slippery surface as it adds texture to it. This finish is also sealed on completion, which helps sustain and prolong the durability of the colours used in the process.

Coloured concrete can be put to multiple uses. Apart from coloured concrete driveways adding aesthetic appeal to your exteriors, they can also be used for your outdoor entertaining areas. 

Choose the coloured concrete experts

We bring you all the advantages of working with a family run business and we also offer you other specialised solutions.

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