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Concrete Driveways Canberra

The list of advantages associated with a concrete driveway is a long one. Firstly, concrete is one of the strongest building materials available, providing a long-lasting solution for a wide variety of construction applications. It’s ability to resist wear and tear makes it one of the most widely-used materials on the globe.

One of Down Right’s specialties is that of concrete driveways. Most of our contribution to Canberra’s residential infrastructure has been in the form of premium quality concrete driveway finishes. This is due to a high demand for convenience when it comes to the entering and exiting of your home, with little to no maintenance required in order to keep your driveway in excellent condition. This is because it is impossible for weeds to grow through cement, unlike pavers and granite that leave gaps that are very quickly filled with small but resilient plants.

We offer a variety of decorative concrete driveways:

Grey Concrete Driveway

The undisputed king of concrete driveways is the classic grey finish. This option offers a rustic feel that can accommodate almost any existing home or landscape design. Down Right Concrete is a specialist in the installation thereof, with an unparalleled dedication to doing the job right first time around.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways

With natural textures like rocks, pebbles, silicate, quarry stones and shells left visible, exposed aggregate concrete is making waves in the global market as a welcomed alternative to regular asphalt driveways. Down Right offers a multitude of rock sizes and colours, giving you complete freedom in the design and execution of an exposed aggregate driveway.

Stenciled Concrete Driveways

Concrete stenciling is the ultimate way to add a decorative flair to any concrete application. This option has seen massive success in both residential and commercial environments, offering amusing visual effects that are customisable right down to the colour and sizing. Stenciled concrete also offers a textured surface that provides extra grip and safety.

For more information about our concrete driveway finishes, get in touch with a friendly team member on 0419 635 520. If you have something in mind already, request an obligation-free quote or leave us a message with your enquiry.