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exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is another fabulous way to use concrete. It has become widely popular in driveways and pathways across the globe. They are deemed to be excellent substitutes for regular asphalt driveways. Down Right Concreting, Canberra, specialises in bringing these trendy concrete solutions to your doorstep. 

What is exposed aggregate concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete leaves the natural textures of various crushed components like rocks, pebbles, silicate, quarry stones and shells exposed. As these components are all crushed, they retain a reasonable level of coarseness to make sure the surface is not slippery, while lending an appealing appearance. We seal the surface on completion to ensure its durability.

For your choice and convenience, we offer you a variety of rock sizes and colours to best suit your landscape and design. This also allows you to customise the appearance of your concrete driveways and concrete paths as you see fit.

Why hire us?

Down Right Concreting is a leading concrete contractor in Canberra and with good reason: 

  • We employ unique techniques to achieve the best exposed aggregate finishes.
  • We ensure timely completion of our projects and customer satisfaction of the same.
  • We offer excellent landscaping solutions for key areas of your property that needs concrete works.
  • Our employees are well trained professional who can get the job done.

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