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Polished Concrete Canberra

Polished Concrete is not only functional, hypoallergenic, energy efficient it is stylish, easy to maintain and unique to each home or business.  Polished concrete will stand the test of time and will enhance the design of your home or commercial property.

Using a concrete grinding machine, fine layers of concrete are removed to expose the aggregate underneath.  The amount of grinding required will depend on the finished result as below.

Choosing between three levels of aggregate exposure, we can help you create a look that suits your lifestyle.


Minimal Polished Concrete

Minimal Polished Concrete

This finish is designed to give you an industrial warehouse feel with minimal to zero aggregate exposure when finished.  This process can be on new and existing slabs.


Rustic Polished Concrete

Rustic polished concrete

Rustic concrete polishing will give you a hit and miss feature in your finished polished concrete slab. Every slab will have its own characteristics where more aggregate is at the surface compared to other areas.  This will ensure a unique finish.  You can choose between a low or high sheen finish by using resin pads before a densifier and sealer are applied.  Not only hard wearing but stylish and easy to maintain.  This process can be on new and existing slabs.


Full stone exposure Polished Concrete

Full exposure polished concrete

Full stone exposure is where all the aggregate is exposed and finished with a low or high sheen.  Grouting is typically applied to any cracks or stone chips and polished to blend in with the concrete.
A densifier is applied to harden the concrete making it spill proof, perfect for living and kitchen areas.  This process is best for new slabs where the choice of rock and colour of the concrete can be personalised.  We can complete full exposure to existing slabs although the finished product will be a surprise as we can’t see the level of aggregate underneath. A topping slab can be poured in some instances so that we can control the amount of aggregate and colours. Call now for a free quote and see what options are available to your home or business.